For Students in M.Phil. Programme

‘M. Phil. in Social Sciences’ is an inter–disciplinary Programme. It is affiliated to Jadavpur University, Kolkata. After the completion of the two–year Programme students will obtain Jadavpur University’s degree, ‘M.Phil. in Social Sciences.’

The programme is meant for research students in India who wish to pursue doctoral research but have not enrolled in any doctoral programme or any other full–time taught course.

Both the First and Second year of the Programme are split in two semesters. The first year is devoted to course–work and the second to the writing of dissertation. The course–work consists of a core of interdisciplinary courses in the social sciences and a choice of specialized advanced courses in disciplines, such as, Economics, History, Political Sciences, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Environmental Studies, Development Studies, Geography, Women’s Studies, Anthropology. the objective is to equip young researchers with a general grasp of the main intellectual concerns of social science research, the most important recent trends in the social sciences and a strong groundings in interdisciplinary methods.

In the second year every student will have to write an M.Phil. dissertation.

Subject–wise list of students enrolled with M.Phil. in Social Sciences Programme 2009–11

HistorySagnik Atarthi
Kaustubh Das
Priyankar Dey
Koonal Duggal
Subhankar Ghosh
Sanjna Mukhopadhyay
SociologyZaid Al Baset
Sreyasi Chatterjee
PhilosophyDaminee Basu
EnglishNajnin Islam
Saroni Pattanayak
Darshana Sreedhar
EconomicsJayanti Ghosh
GeographyArunita Mukherjee
Political ScienceSayantan Saha Roy
Arts and AestheticsMoumita Sen

Subject–wise list of students enrolled with M.Phil. in Social Sciences Programme 2010–12

HistorySantanu Sengupta
Media & Cultural StudiesRomit Chowdhury
SociologySebanti Chatterjee
Piya Chakraborty
English LiteraturePiya Srinivasan
Parjanya Sen
Saswati Saha
Sourit Bhattacharya
Development StudiesAmmel Sharon
Political ScienceKena N. Wani
Social WorkYagna Nag Chowdhuri
Cultural StudiesMaharghya Chakraborty
Sujeet George
Comparative LiteratureRupsa Ray
Anwesha Ghosh

Subject–wise list of students enrolled with M.Phil. in Social Sciences Programme 2011–13

HistorySangita Saha
English LiteratureSayori Ghoshal
Senjuti Chakraborti
Souradip Bhattacharyya
Sreya Banerjee
Globalization and LabourKoyel Lahiri
International RelationsPraskanva Sinharay
Women’s StudiesSreenanti Banerjee
SociologyPinaki Roy

Students enrolled with M.Phil. in Social Sciences Programme 2012–14

Arijeet Mandal
Saumyashree Ghosh
Shaheen K
Swathi S
Rukmini Chakraborty
Ritwika Misra
Arunima Chakraborty
Rohan Basu
Samyak Ghosh

Students enrolled with M.Phil. in Social Sciences Programme 2013–15

Arghya Ganguly
Geeta Thatra
Shinjini Sircar
Ujaan Ghosh
Vikas Kumar Moola
Debraj Dasgupta
Indrani Sengupta
Soumita Mazumder
Zeeshan Husain

Students enrolled with M.Phil. in Social Sciences Programme 2014–16

Afrin Firdaus Idris
Labani Jangi
Amrita Chakraborty
Rajashree Bhattacharyya
Siddhartha Chandra Mukherjee
Subro Saha
Karma Sherap Bhutia
Uday Bhanu S.
Biboswan Bose
Parag Jyoti Saikia
Raikamal Roy
Satarupa Lahiri
Subhadra Majumder
Tony Kurian
Pintu Das
Ishani Deb

Students enrolled with M.Phil. in Social Sciences Programme 2015–17

Judaline Torcato
Anurupa Bhowmick
Aritri Chakrabarti
Chandan Das
Ivan Mani Iyer
Angana Chattopadhyay
Kaberi Mondal
Madhumita Chatterjee
Mayurakshi Dev
Pooja Sanyal
Pushan Sarkar
Rajeev Papreja
Rinchen Jamyang Norbu
Salwa Yahya
Shamayeeta Ghosh
Shrutarsi Das
Sohini Dutta
Cheshta Arora
Uday Bhanu S.

Group Photographs of M.Phil. Students (2012-14) in Social Sciences.

Standing(left) : Arijit Mandal,Soumyashree Ghosh, Shaheen K, Ritwika Misra, Arunima Chakraborty, Rohan Basu

Sitting(Left ): Swathi S. ,Samyak Ghosh, Rukmini Chakraborty
Faculty Standing(left): Kiran Keshavamurthy, Rajarshi Ghose, Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay, Manas Ray,Trina N. Banerjee, Partha Chatterjee, Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya, Tapati Guha Thakurta, Priya Sangameswaran

Students Sitting(left): Arijeet Mandal, Saumyashree Ghosh, Shaheen K., Swathi S.,Ritwika Misra, Rukmini, Chakraborty, Arunima Chakraborty, Rohan Basu

For Students in Ph.D. Programme

The Centre has a PhD Programme which regularly accepts students interested in working on areas of faculty specialisation. The current faculty strengths are broad, and can support students interested in political theory and practice, literary and cultural studies, modern and medieval Indian history, art history, feminism and sexuality studies, international trade, macro economics, financial economics, labour economics, poverty and income distribution, law and economics and sociological theory and practice. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged. Since the Centre is not a degree–granting institution, students are expected to register in a West Bengal University of their choice which will accept the designated Centre faculty member as a co–supervisor.

A limited number of full–time fellowships are made available from time to time. Students who enroll for the PhD are expected to take the full credit Research Training Programme in their first year. Students will have access to the Centre’s excellent collection of books and journals in addition to online journals available on JSTOR and Project Muse. Hostel facilities are currently unavailable. During the programme, students are expected to furnish progress reports, and make an annual presentation of their work in progress.

Students may consult this page for periodic announcements inviting applications for the PhD programme and announcing fellowships.

The Ph.D Programme of CSSSC is affiliated to Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Name of the Scholar:Akhilesh Arya
Supervisor:Prachi Deshpande, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Secularizing ‘Superstition’- A Genealogy of the Concept of ‘Andh-Vishvas’ from 1850s to 1950s"
Name of the Scholar:Amit Bindal
Supervisor:Ritajyoti Bandhyopadhyay & Prachi Deshpande, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Resurrecting the Other of ‘Modern’ Law: An Investigation in Legal Epistemology"
Name of the Scholar:Arijita Mukherjee
Supervisor:Sudipto Chatterjee, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Banga manche parijayee nati o purush kendikatar bibartan"
Name of the Scholar:Farhana Kulsum
Supervisor:Saibal Kar, CSSSC
Research Topic:"A Comparative Analysis Of Indirect Tax And Investments/Entrepreneurship At The State Level For India:1991-2013."
Name of the Scholar:Monikinkini Basu
Supervisor:Sudipto Chatterjee, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Performing Bodies: The use and Abuse of the Male Body and Disability in Mainstream Hindi Movie Posters."
Name of the Scholar:Rajiv Roy
Supervisor:Sudipto Chatterjee, CSSSC
Research Topic:"(Post)Modernity and the Idea of God: Re-placing Tagore and Eliot."
Name of the Scholar:Rita Chatterjee
Supervisor:Rosinka Chaudhuri, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Travel Narratives by Englishwomen visiting India in the Nineteenth Century: the search for the subject."
Name of the Scholar:Sampurna Chakraborty
Supervisor:Tapati Guha-Thakurta, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Art History and Pedagogic Links: Art institutions in India."
Name of the Scholar:Samyak Ghosh
Supervisor:Rajarshi Ghose, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Vernaculars at work: Itinerant Cultures, Circulation and Learning in Early Modern Northeast India."
Name of the Scholar:Suchetana Chanda
Supervisor:Trina N. Banerjee, CSSSC
Research Topic:"‘Childisation’: Understanding ‘Development’ and its Relation to the ‘Children’ through Children’s Theatre."
Name of the Scholar:Turna Das
Supervisor:Sudipto Chatterjee, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Unnish o Bis sataker bangla nattya etihas: choiti onalokito jeeban."
Name of the Scholar:Tusar Kanti Samanta
Supervisor:P.K. Das, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Demographic Transition and Economic Growth."
The Ph.D Programme of CSSSC is affiliated to Jadavpur University,Kolkata
Name of the Scholar:Rohan Basu
Supervisor:Kiran Keshavamurthy CSSSC
Research Topic:“The ideologies of contemporary Hindi film (2000-)”
Name of the Scholar:Arunima Chakraborty
Supervisor:Anirban Das, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Love, Lack & Sex Work: Explorations in psychoanalysis”
Name of the Scholar:Abhijit Bag
Supervisor:Manabi Majumdar, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Manabhadikare sankat o taar birudhya aandolon”
Name of the Scholar:Arkadeb Banerjee
Supervisor:Prachi Deshpande, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Through the window of famine: History and change in Bengal.”
Name of the Scholar:Rukmini Chakraborty
Supervisor:Lakshmi Subramanian, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Ships sojourns and sovereignties: A gaze from the eastern Indian ocean littoral circa (1750-1854).”
Name of the Scholar:Saumyashree Ghosh
Supervisor:Rajarshi Ghosh, CSSSC
Research Topic“Mapping Railroads: Changing Geographies of Capital in colonial Bengal, 1850s to 1950s.”
Name of the Scholar:Krishti Kumar
Supervisor:Tapati Guha-Thakurta, CSSSC
Research Topic“The chhaad: Production of social space in colonial Calcutta 1858 to 1911.”
Name of the Scholar:Chukka Vikram
Supervisor:Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay, CSSSC
Research Topic“Esthetic politics in the world class city: affect governamentality and subject – power .”
Name of the Scholar:Dipparan Jana
Supervisor:Saibal Kar, CSSSC
Research Topic“Protected childhood: Child rights under the juvenile justice (Care and protection) act 2000.”
Name of the Scholar:Sweta Lahiri
Supervisor:Tushar Nandi, CSSSC
Research Topic“Enrollment in Higher education and Female labourforce participation.”
The Ph.D Programme of CSSSC is affiliated to Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Name of the Scholar:Aditya Bahukhandi
Supervisor:Soumyabrata Chowdhury and Manabi Majumdar CSSSC
Research Topic:“Objects and Objectives of Representation: A study of The Representation of the People Act 1951.”
Name of the Scholar:Anwesha Paul (Das)
Supervisor:Rahul Mukhopadhyay and Manabi Majumdar, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Lifeworlds of street children in Kolkata city: a micro-sociological study.”
Name of the Scholar:Georgy Kuruvila Roy
Supervisor:Kiran Keshavmurthy, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Understanding Dalit Subjectivity & Markets”
Name of the Scholar:Debabrata Sardar
Supervisor:Kiran Keshavmurthy, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Exploring Female Inner Worlds in the Stories of Shaahi Deshpande”
Name of the Scholar:Praskanva Sinharay
Supervisor:Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Caste in West Bengal: Popular Politics and the Making of Dalit Identity.”
Name of the Scholar:Koyel Lahiri
Supervisor:Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Politics of organising urban work: A study of two sites in India's transforming economy.”
Name of the Scholar:Mahaprajna Nayak
Supervisor:Trina N. Banerjee and Manas Ray, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Translating the self into the Rhetoric of the Collective: Understanding the Indian Internet Social.”
Name of the Scholar:Richa Gupta
Supervisor:Manas Ray, CSSSC
Research Topic:“History, Fiction and Heterotopia: A Study of the Novels of W.G. Sebald.”
Name of the Scholar:Sreenanti Banerjee
Supervisor:Manas Ray and Dr. Soumyabrata Chowdhury, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Interrogating Feminism through a Biopolitical Lens: Deliberating Rights, Sovereignty and Biopolitics.
Name of the Scholar:Ritam Sengupta
Supervisor:Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay, CSSSC
Research Topic:“The Development of Electrical Infrastructure in India: 1800s to 1950s.”
Name of the Scholar:Rupsa Ray
Supervisor:Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Constructing the identity of worker in post liberal India: In perspective of the politics of Capital.”
The Ph.D Programme of CSSSC is affiliated to Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Name of the Scholar:Abdullah Al Mamun
Supervisor:Manas Ray CSSSC
Research Topic:“Memory, Real and the virtual of a Nation: an investigation into Shahbag movement in Bangladesh”
Name of the Scholar:Soumi Chatterjee
Supervisor:Manas Ray, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Jibananda poraborti bangla kabitai nih-sangata”
Name of the Scholar:Aritra Bhattacharya
Supervisor:Priya Sangameswaran, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Ideologies and spaces of cultural resistance: Caste class politics in post-1970s Maharashtra & Markets”
Name of the Scholar:Niranjan Jaladas
Supervisor:Priya Sangameswaran, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Migration, Citizenship and Changing Trajectory of a Fishing-Based Society: An Anthropo-Historical Study of Post-1960s Indian Sundarbans.”
Name of the Scholar:Prangopal Mondal
Supervisor:Priya Sangameswaran, CSSSC
Research Topic:“'Human - Environment' Interactions and Urban Transformation: A Study from Kolkata Metropolitan Region.”
Name of the Scholar:Somraj Basu
Supervisor:Manabi Majumdar, CSSSC
Name of the Scholar:Zaid Al Baset
Supervisor:Rajarshi Ghose, CSSSC
Research Topic:“An Islamicate sensorium : supernatural encounters and everyday lives in Kolkata”
Name of the Scholar:Dhritiman Chakraborty
Supervisor:Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Dilemmas of Development in Postcolonial India: An Inquiry into the Politics of Two Dissident Movements”
Name of the Scholar:Anindya Sarkar
Supervisor:Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Revisiting the ‘People’: Practices of Indian Democracy”
Name of the Scholar:Kaustubh Ray
Supervisor:Manas Ray & A.S. Mathew, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Politics of form: Morphing in animation with special reference to Indian case studies'”
Name of the Scholar:Debajyoti Mondal
Supervisor:Manas Ray, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Bastober chhaya, bishoyir dosor: Syed Waliullah-r sahitye oporotar path”
Name of the Scholar:Maharghya Chakraborty
Supervisor:Kiran Keshavamurthy & Madav Prasad, CSSSC
Research Topic:“A Requiem for Celluloid: Obsolescence Debates in Indian Cinema”
Name of the Scholar:Sanghita Sanyal
Supervisor:Rosinka Chaudhuri, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Reading the Songs of Rabindranath Tagore: Gender, Text and Performance.”
Name of the Scholar:Chiranjit Ojha
Supervisor:Rosinka Chaudhuri, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Time to Change: A Study in the Ambitions of Indian English Poetry During the Long 1970s”
Name of the Scholar:Saswati Saha
Supervisor:Rosinka Chaudhuri, CSSSC
Research Topic:“English Texts in Bengali Translation: Transmission and Assimilation of Literary Culture in the Nineteenth Century”
Name of the Scholar:Gunja Baranwal
Supervisor:Sugata Marjit & Dr. Pranab Kumar Das, CSSSC
Research Topic:“FDI and Human Capital Formation in India”
Name of the Scholar:Devleena Majumdar
Supervisor:Saibal Kar, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Environmental Pollution and International Trade: Three Essays”
Name of the Scholar:Ayan Kumar Banerjee
Supervisor:Saibal Kar, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Choice of Occupation and Diversification of Risk - Study based on Indian Agriculture”
Name of the Scholar:Priyankar Dey
Supervisor:Bodhisattva Kar, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Designing India: Exploring the Relations between Forms of Commodity and Nation, 1851 – 1961.”
Name of the Scholar:Santanu Sengupta
Supervisor:Lakshmi Subramanian, CSSSC
Research Topic:“The Empire's network : Formation of the British Empire in the eastern Indian Ocean and the Armenian agency (from mid 18th to 19th century)”
Name of the Scholar:Kaustubh Das
Supervisor:Lakshmi Subramanian & Madhu Khanna, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Modernity and Indian Esotericism: Texts, Practices and religious experiences”
Name of the Scholar:S. Santhosh Kumar
Supervisor:Tapati Guha Thakurta, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Teaching Patterns: Art Institutions and Pedagogy in 20th C Hyderabad.”
Name of the Scholar:Parjanya Sen
Supervisor:Tapati Guha Thakurta, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Monumental Musings: Histories, Narratives and Afterlives of early Islamicate sites of Eastern India ”
The Ph.D Programme of CSSSC is affiliated to Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Name of the Scholar:Ariktam Chatterjee
Supervisor:Rosinka Chaudhuri CSSSC
Research Topic:“History of Translation of the Bible in Bengali From 1800 to the Present”
Name of the Scholar:Arunita Mukherjee
Supervisor:Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya, CSSSC
Research Topic:“On pavement for sale: Understanding the social journey of commodities in various sites of Kolkata.”
Name of the Scholar:Kallol Roy
Supervisor:Tapati Guha-Thakurta, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Rabindranath Tagore and the Problem of Narration in Indian Art History: Paintings, Museums & Markets”
Name of the Scholar:Moumita Sen
Supervisor:Tapati Guha-Thakurta, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Icon, Idol, Object: A Study of the Idol making settlements of Bengal”
Name of the Scholar:Najnin Islam
Supervisor:Sibaji Bandyopadhyay, CSSSC
Research Topic:"Telling tails to remember: History, memory and representations of Sikhs in South Asian diasporic cultural productions"
Name of the Scholar:Sagnik Atarthi
Supervisor:Lakshmi Subramanian, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Towards an Alternative History: Bengal and its Musical Publics (1940 – 1970)”
Name of the Scholar:Sayantan Saha Roy
Supervisor:Anirban Das, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Law’s Dominion or Life’s Limit? Interrogating Law, Life & Lawlessness in the Post-Colony”
Name of the Scholar:Palash Naskar
Supervisor:Priya Sangameswaran, CSSSC
Research Topic:“Fisher Women of Coastal West Bengal and Orissa: A Socio – Economic Study in Historical Perspective”
The Ph.D Programme of CSSSC is affiliated to Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Name of the Scholar:Patnekar Mrunal Manohar
Supervisor:Lakshmi Subramaniam, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:A study of ‘Hindu Muslim riots’ in Bombay (now Mumbai) between 1920 – 1948
Name of the Scholar:Agniv Ghosh
Supervisor:Sibaji Bandyopadhyay, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:“manasamiksn o bishshataker adhunik bangalir manas dwandwa”
Name of the Scholar:Madhumita Saha
Supervisor:Rosinka Chaudhuri, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:“Shakespeare in 19th – Century Bengal”
Name of the Scholar:Swati Chatterjee
Supervisor:Bodhisattva Kar, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:“City Sensed: Body, Space and Power in Colonial Calcutta”
Name of the Scholar:Prithwiraj Biswas
Supervisor:Tapati Guha Thakurta, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Advertising, manufactures and commodity culture in Colonial Bengal c. 1880-1920
Name of the Scholar:Sayantani Sur
Supervisor:Manabi Majumdar, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:“Sexualities Subjectivities and the Gender Politics of Contraception in India: 1930 – 1977”
Name of the Scholar:Paroma Maity
Supervisor:Tapti Guha-Thakurta, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Collecting histories and Networks: Art and object Assemblages in Colonial India
Name of the Scholar:Parag Chandra
Supervisor:Jyotsna Jalan, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Economic growth and environmental quality: A cross country study of selective developing economies
Name of the Scholar:Anirban Bhattacharjee
Supervisor:Sibaji Bandyopadhyay, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Interrogating Mimamsa Philosophy and ritualism in perspective of contemporary socio-cultural thought
Name of the Scholar:Meghna Dutta
Supervisor:Sugata Marjit, (CSSSC) and Saibal Kar, Co Guide, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:“Trade FDI and Organizations of Production: A Contemporary perspective”
Name of the Scholar:Ankur Tamuli Phukan
Supervisor:Bodhisattva Kar, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:“Making of a national festival: Bihu in colonial and Post – colonial Assam.”
Name of the Scholar:Abhik Samanta
Supervisor:Prachi Deshpande, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Work and Nationalism
Name of the Scholar:Samrat Sengupta
Supervisor:Anirban Das, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Performing Revolution: Ethics of Post Colonial resistances in Bengal Narrative
Name of the Scholar:Sourav Kar Gupta
Supervisor:Anirban Das, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Precarious Objectifications: Ethics of Representation and the figure of the Woman”
Name of the Scholar:Sreemoyee Ghosh
Supervisor:Manabi Majumdar, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:Organized Informality: The Case of Industrial Informal Women Workers in Durgapur
Name of the Scholar:Partha Sarathi Mondal
Supervisor:Anirban Das, (CSSSC)
Research Topic:“Body – Subjectivity and Mental Distress”
Name of the Scholar:Paroma Banerjee
Affiliated University:Calcutta University
Supervisor:Keya Dasgupta
Research Topic:Participatory Governance in Urban and Rural West Bengal.
Name of the Scholar:Suryanandini Sinha
Affiliated University:Jawaharlal Nehru University
Supervisor:Tapati Guha-Thakurta
Research Topic:The Intercepted Photograph: Interactions of painting and digital media with studio photography in India.
Name of the Scholar:Sarani Khatua
Affiliated University:Calcutta University
Supervisor:Keya Dasgupta
Research Topic:Urban Governance in Kolkata Municipal Corporation :A Focus on Poverty Alleviation Policies.
Name of the Scholar:Sushmita Ghosh
Affiliated University:Jadavpur University
Supervisor:Anirban Das
Research Topic:Masculinity in Hindi Cinema.
Name of the Scholar:Debarati Bagchi
Affiliated University:Delhi University
Supervisor:Bodhisattava Kar
Research Topic:Many Spaces of Sylhet: Making of a Regional Identity’ 1870s–1940s.
Name of the Scholar:Iman Kumar Mitra
Affiliated University:Jadavpur University
Supervisor:Bodhisattva Kar
Research Topic:Some aspects of the historical evolution of the Economic Discipline.
Name of the Scholar:Paramita Brahmachari
Affiliated University:Jadavpur University
Supervisor:Sibaji Bandyopadhyay
Research Topic:Othering Spaces, Forging Selves: Contemporary Cinema, Globalization and the New Indian Middle Class.
Name of the Scholar:Kamalika Mukherjee
Affiliated University:Calcutta University
Supervisor:Tapati Guha-Thakurta
Research Topic:Allegories of Womanhood: Gender and Popular Visual Culture in 19th and Early 20th Century Bengal.
Name of the Scholar:Indira Biswas
Affiliated University:Calcutta University
Supervisor:Gautam Bhadra
Research Topic:A History of All–India Radio, Calcutta Station.
Name of the Student:Purabi Banerjee
Title:A History of Higher Education in Bengal, 1900–1947.
Supervisor:Gautam Bhadra
Affiliation:Calcutta University
Name of the Student:Sadhan Kumar Chattopadhyay
Title:Bank Lending to Agriculture in Pre and Post–Reform Periods
Supervisor:Pranab Kumar Das
Affiliation:Jadavpur University
Name of the Student:Indrani Mitra
Title:Economic Reform and Indian Agriculture
Supervisor:Sugata Marjit
Affiliation:Jadavpur University
Name of the Student:Saswata Bhattacharya
Title:The Permanent Settlement Act and the Bangla Theatre
Supervisor:Shibaji Bandopadhyay
Affiliation:Jadavpur University
Name of the Student:Sumanta Mukhopadhyay
Title:In Search of the “Beautiful” in Modern Bangla Discourse
Supervisor:Shibaji Bandopadhyay
Affiliation:Jadavpur University
Name of the Student:Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay
Title:Rumblings of the Street: The Hawkers on the Pavement of Kolkata as Informal Actors in Urban Histories
Supervisor:Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya
Affiliation:Jadavpur University
Name of the Student:Chandrima Sinha
Title:Caste Movement and the Mahisyas in Bengal (1875–1945)
Supervisor:Gautam Bhadra
Affiliation:Calcutta University
Name of the Student:Biswajit Mondal
Title:Trade And Corruption
Supervisor:Sugata Marjit
Affiliation:Rabindrabharati University