Conferences, Workshops and Memorial Lectures constitute a significant part of the academic activities of the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. Eminent scholars as well as young researchers regularly participate in such events. Conferences and workshops are usually inter–disciplinary in temper and multi–focused in approach. Apart from these the Centre organizes Cultural Studies Seminars, Economics Study Group Seminars, General Seminars and Staff Seminars on an on–going basis. Holding General Discussions on Current Affairs is a regular feature of the Institute.


A wide cross–section of national and international scholars are brought together at conferences held from time to time at CSSSC. The Centre's conferences on the West Bengal economy and society, on Indian industry, or on tribal governance, are still remembered as outstanding academic events. We continue to host these gatherings and facilitate the international exchange of up–to–the–minute research. See the announcements for current and upcoming conferences.

Some past themes of CSSSC conferences

2008 Workshop on Applied Economic Theory
2008 The 'Long' 1950s
2008 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy – A Contemporary Perspective
2007 Workshop on Financial Economics: Markets and Institutions
2007 Issues in Growth and Poverty
2007 International Conference on Researching Anglo–India: Indian and Diasporic Contexts
2006 Workshop on Economic Theory and Applications
2006 UNU–WIDER joint conference on Gender and Food Security
2005 International Conference on Politics, Reform and Prosperity: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives on Contemporary India
2004 Conference on History in the Vernacular
2002 Conference on Frontiers of Development Economics
2002 City and Archive
2001 Demographic Change in Bangladesh and West Bengal: Some Common Features and Possible Causes
2001 Conference to commemorate the birth centenary of D.R. Gadgil
1999 Indian Music in the Age of Reproduction: Tradition, Innovation and Enterprise
1999 Economics Relevant for Developing Economies
1998 The Cultural Consequences of Globalization: The Case of Music
1998 Media and Mediation in the Politics of Culture
1995 Agricultural and Agrarian Structure in Contemporary West Bengal
1991 Adoption of Micro–electronic technologies in India
1988 Scientific Information and Cultural Development
1987 The 1942 Movement in India
1983 Women and Poverty
1981 Tribal Polities and State Systems in Pre–colonial Eastern and Northern India
1977 Indian Industrialisation
1974 West Bengal Economy and Planning

In addition, two major 25th anniversary conferences were held in the winter of 1998–99, on ‘Development, Displacement and Disparity: India in the Last Quarter of the Century’ and ‘History and the Present’.


Scholars, students and researchers find valuable meeting ground for the exchange of ideas at the Centre’s workshops. Informal readings, discussion groups and workshops on a variety of subjects are held round the year.

The Centre is also organizing a series of international Cultural Studies Workshops funded under the ENRECA, SEPHIS and FORD FOUNDATION schemes. These workshops involve young researchers from all over India, from Denmark, and from Uganda and other countries of the South, and have turned out to be very innovative and stimulating. At present no other institution in India runs anything comparable.

Themes for the past Culture Studies Workshops include :

2011 Empire,Nation,Cosmopolitanism Jaipur
2010 The Sacred in Contemporary Culture Santiniketan
2009 Urban Culture Shillong
2008 Culture and Economic Life Pune
2007 Political Cultures Hyderabad
2006 Cultures of the Body Goa
2005 The Governance of Culture Bhubaneswar
2004 Rethinking the ‘Cultural Turn’ Bangalore
2003 Citizenship and Identities Goa
2002 Postcolonial Cultures Santiniketan
2001 Cultural Sites and Spaces Toshali Sands (near Puri)
2000 Critiques of Culture Bharatpur
1999 Public Cultures Khajuraho
1998 Culture and the Disciplines Bhopal
1997 Culture and Democracy Gwalior
1995 Culture and Modernity Mysore

Memorial Lectures

The Centre runs two series of annual lectures by eminent academics, the S.G. Deuskar lecture on Indian History and Culture and the R.C. Dutt lecture on Political Economy.

Some of the past R.C. Dutt Lectures :

2002 Ravi Kanbur Spatial Inequality: Concepts, Evidence and Policy December 2008
2001 M Ali Khan Identity, Tolerance And Backwardness On The Curtailment Of Development Economics November 2008
2000 Debraj Ray Polarization and Conflict December 2005
1999 Sudipto Bhattacharya The Financing and Organization of Knowledge Intensive Activities January 2004
1998 Abhijit V. Banerjee Living in the World: Globalization and Beyond August 2003
1997 Dilip Mookherjee Combating the Crisis in Govt. Accountability: A Review of Recent International Experience December 2001
1996 Kaushik Basu Integrating Social Norms into Economics December 1999
1995 Gita Sen Gender and Development: A Reflection on Thirty Years of Theory and Practice August 1997
*1994 Sunanda Sen Finance and Development November 1996
*1993 Deepak Nayyar Economic Liberalization in India: Analytics, Experience and Lessons March 1995
1992 Pravin Visaria Levels of Living in India: Correlates and Determinations September 1995
*1991 N. Krishnaji Population Pressure 1891-1981: Regional Variations and Consequences January 1994
*1990 C.T. Kurien On Markets in Economic Theory and Policy December 1991

* These lectures have been published and are available with Orient Longman, 17 Chittaranjan Avenue, Calcutta– 72.

Some of the past S.G. Deuskar Lectures :

2001 Prof. Susie Tharu Modern Medicine’s Indian Life: Object, Regime, Practice – I and II February 2009
2000 Geeta Kapur Critical Art: Sub Terrain: artists dig the contemporary art x documentary: cultural conjuncture March 2005
1999 Gayatri Chakravarty Spivak Midnight’s Children and the Schreber Case July 2003
1998 Sanjay Subrahmanyam Acculturation and Conflict in the Early Modern Deccan July 1999
1997 Gulammohammed Sheikh Reading Pictures: Stories of Mediations, Stories of Transgressions February 1999
1996 Veena Das Thinking about Violence: The Stake in Everyday Life, and Boundaries: Saying and Showing January 1999
*1995 Gyanendra Pandey Memory, History and the Question of Violence: The Reconstruction of Partition April 1998
1994 Muzaffar Alam Sharia and Language in Medieval Indian Politics December 1996
1993 Sudipta Kaviraj Democracy in India August 1995
*1992 K.G. Subramanyam A Matter of Perspective, and What Shall We Do with Culture? March 1993
1991 Madhav Gadgil India: An Ecological History June 1992

* These lectures have been published and are available with K.P. Bagchi & Co, 286 B.B. Ganguly Str., Calcutta– 12.